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Welcome to ‘EnviroQuest Photography

Hello! I am Larry Lyons, a conservation and wildlife photographer, hosting this website. Let me give you an overview.

EnviroQuest’ is about the quest for understanding, assessing and appreciating our environments, our world, our planet. This quest started for me as a boy when I was capturing minnows in Pennypack Creek in Philadelphia, collecting butterflies, and setting-up my first laboratory on my father’s workbench.

This led to a career as an Environmental Scientist for more than 35 years. This career extends to being employed as an aquatic biologist and chemist for the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, to managing aquatic toxicology laboratories, to conducting ecological risk assessments of contaminated sites and hundreds of chemicals, and to performing numerous environmental surveys throughout the United States and the Caribbean. I am credited with numerous publications, presentations, and several patents. My patents are related to macrofouling control of industrial cooling water systems. I am also a scuba diver and underwater photographer.

My appreciation of all types of environments along with the diversity of the living organisms that depend on these environments is extended to my love of capturing their essence, their beauty and their importance with my photography. The overriding message that I wish to convey with ‘EnviroQuest Photography’ is to reinforce the need of protection and conservation of wildlife and their habitats.

Photo Galleries

My ‘Photo Galleries’ on this website are for you to enjoy and take a brief journey whether it is visiting a particular national park, or viewing the birds of Florida, or getting up close to cheetahs and other wildlife. Please enjoy and if you are so inclined send me a message about your visit. All images displayed on this website are available for purchase as a print, framed image or digital format.


My blog at http://enviroquest.me communicates about a variety of environmental and conservation topics along with providing journeys to special and unique locations. Blog posts present a variety of topics including animal behavior, endangered and threatened species, the impact of environmental pollution to wildlife, conservation requirements needed to protect and sustain wildlife populations and the impact of human intervention on habitats and wildlife. Please feel free to sign-up to receive blog posts when they become available.


Photography workshops are also provided at www.twilightbluephotography.com/Workshops-1. These small group destination workshops are designed for photographers at all levels from beginners to advanced. The workshops focus on capturing the beauty of landscapes at twilight hours, intimate landscapes, night skies and wildlife. Some of the upcoming workshops include ‘Death Valley, ‘Winter in Yellowstone’ and Zimanga ( South Africa).

Go to Workshops for more details.

Photography Exhibits and Slide Show Presentations

This photographer also provides photography exhibits and slide show presentations.

In the past eight years, my exhibits have encompassed African wildlife, national and state parks of the United States, the birds of Florida, the diversity of wildlife in the Amazon, the people living in the Amazon and the Land of the Incas in Peru. Each exhibit serves to provide the public not only a journey on the beauty of these environments but also provides an educational perspective on animal behavior and conservation issues.

This photographer also provides slide presentations to schools, nature and photography clubs, and environmental groups.

I hope you enjoy the visit. Feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,


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